Sunday, May 22, 2011,love love....

The purpose of dating is to get to know one another,enjoy time together and develop a friendship.most teens are looking for someone who likes them for who they're,someone with whom they can share thoughts and should never mean that a person 'owes' another person sexual favor because they went out,spent money and had a good time.spending money and having a good time on a date DOES NOT require a sexual payback!!

You should know when the date will begin and end.knowing your time frame will help you to plan better.if u wanna have a date,i suggest you to have a group you know why?this is because group dating allows you to get to know the other person casually and with other,dating in a group keeps you i right?hehe...futhermore,you should know that dates don't have to cost a fortune.with planning,they can be reasonable and fun.moreover,dates should always be NON-ALCOHOLIC and DRUG FREE whether alone or in a should know that alcohol and drugs impair judgement and put you MORE risk for PREMARITAL SEX!
always remember that!